About Chef Jenny Acosta

One thing I’ve learned over the last 20 years as a Chef, Pastry Chef, Baker, and Personal Chef, is how food can impact women’s lives and truly bring joy to motherhood. 

As a mother of two unable to latch and experience that Hollywood, picture perfect breastfeeding journey as a new mother, I understand what you are going through. Exclusively, I pumped and unfortunately was an under supplier with both children. The struggle that mothers face during pregnancy and after birth to connect with their child through breastfeeding, I know personally. It’s emotionally and mentally draining when you cannot supply enough milk for your precious baby.

To help me along this difficult process with my children, I found support through lactation cookies, lactation drinks and lactation dry packs which helped me build strength and enjoy the journey regardless the hand I was dealt. If anyone understands a mothers struggle with breastfeeding, it is me. 

Throughout my journey, I found that my strength and culinary skillset together, could support millions of mothers just like me. This inspired me to help women who are pregnant, those who are looking to get pregnant, breast-feeding, or those who are pumping by creating and providing nutrient packed lactation goods to homes across America.

Now with The Milky Way, I am able to blend high quality culinary dishes with lactation goods, providing a product that may help increase their supply.  As a Personal Chef and Private Caterer, I learned quickly that I found joy in helping others achieve their goals or needs through food and this was where I belonged. 

In my past throughout my time as a Chef, I have won awards and traveled internationally competing in culinary and pastry arts competitions. Been honored to be involved with the Las Vegas Culinary Team for the Culinary Olympics in Germany and so much more. 

The Milky Way is here for you, our community and I am excited to support you through your journey and provide amazing lactation goods.

Trusted and Insured